Deprecated and no longer receiving updates. Verify Login detects if your user account gets accessed from an unknown location, and sends you an email when it happens.

Version: 1.0.3-pl


MODX Compatibility

Downloads: 185


By Sterc

August 2020

This extra is now free to use

Sterc has decided to stop offering Premium Extras to focus on their core business, as of early August 2020. This means their extras are now free to use, and no longer include standard support. If you need help with an extra built by Sterc, you may request (paid) support from the Sterc Service team.

You may also post issues or request features on their respective GitHub repositories, however at the time of writing not all of Sterc's extras have public repositories yet.

This affects: Formalicious, Digital Signage, SEOSuite and VerifyLogin.

(Do you have a Premium MODX Support subscription? Then we'll gladly help you with Sterc's extras through our standard support channels, just like we do with any other third-party extra.)

Know when your user account is accessed by protecting your site with VerifyLogin. It tracks where you login to the manager, and notifies you by email when it sees a new location.

  • Extra layer of Security

    The only thing worse than having your password compromised, is not knowing it was compromised. With VerifyLogin, you are notified when your account was accessed from a new location, so you can take appropriate action right away.

  • Customise the notification email

    Change the name and final note, or define a completely custom chunk to use as the notification email. Install VerifyLogin for your customer, with your own branding and instructions.

Third Party Extra

VerifyLogin is a free extra by Sterc. It does not include support. You may get (paid) help with extras from Sterc by reaching out to the Sterc Service team or with a Premium MODX Support subscription.

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