Help us build Big Brother v2

As you may have heard, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to build Big Brother v2, a completely new version of the open source Google Analytics Dashboard Widget for MODX we've maintained since 2015. The primary goal is to rebuild it for the new version of Google Analytics (v4) and add support for MODX3.

That's a pretty big project. While we have a normal open source allowance of about 12 hours per week paid for by your premium license purchases, with all things going on and my own burnout recovery already causing growing backlogs on some projects, this project just doesn't fit in the regularly scheduled time.

By crowdfunding for the project, you're buying us extra time. The money will flow directly to increasing the number of hours available to modmore, by putting our most recent addition to the team Murray to work. He's currently working on Commerce for 1-2 days/week, and with your help funding this project he will be working extra days exclusively on Big Brother. This way, the work done on Big Brother becomes supplementary to regularly scheduled work over the next two months.

Besides asking for you to help fund the project, we also want to show our own commitment to Big Brother. While this particular rebuild may be too big for our regular open source allowance to cover fully at the moment, we want to show that we still want to maintain and invest in our open source projects. To that end we're covering €1500 of the development out of pocket. This number is included in the total pledged on the crowdfunding page (as of yesterday), so along with donations received to date that brings us to almost 50% of the primary goal pledged.

Please check our detailed plan for v2, and consider making a donation if what we're proposing would be useful to your or your clients.  Thank you for your support!

Learn more about the plan for Big Brother 2 »