Gitify 2.0 is now stable

The stable version of Gitify 2.0.0 has just been released! Version 2 has been in alpha for a quite a while now, and has had an impressive number of bug fixes and features contributed by the community.

In addition to the new features mentioned when 2.0.0-alpha4 was released, the latest release adds the ability to specify a different config file (handy for specifying different data directories for development and production), as well as limiting the number of resources extracted per parent. A big thanks to @rtripault for their work on these!

@Mark-H also added a feature that automatically updates installed packages, and provider information, listed in the .gitify config file when extracting. This removes the need to manually make those changes when a new package is installed, and can be opted out of with--no-packages. The package:install command was also updated to skip installing a package if the same version or higher is already installed. This speeds it up a lot when there is nothing to update.

The full changelog for v2 can be seen here:

  • Prevent E_WARN errors in build
  • Fix fallback Gitify-Cache-Folder
  • Bump symfony/console to 5.3.7
  • Bump symfony/process to 5.3.7
  • Bump symfony/yaml to 5.3.6
  • Add --no-tablespaces option for "backup" command.
  • Remove deprecated CLI install arguments
  • Add "local" option to package:install (thanks @hugopeek) (#261)
  • Check for unmet dependencies when installing local packages.
  • Allow for custom core path and a renamed manager directory. (thanks @it-scripter) (#223)
  • Add ability to install using a config xml file via the --config parameter. (thanks @hugopeek) (#219)
  • Use --core-path param for all installs to ensure the correct core path is used in
  • Download the latest versions of packages more reliably. (thanks @hugopeek) (#327)
  • Backup and restore commands can now handle compressed gzip files. (thanks @rchouinard) (#378)
  • Fix fatal type error in ClearCacheCommand. (thanks @jgullege19) (#414)
  • Trigger MODX into setup mode during build. (thanks @matdave) (#406)
  • Fix package:install not working for MODX 3.x (#415)
  • Add ability to specify a config file to use (thanks @rtripault) (#417)
  • Add ability to limit number of extracted resources per parent (thanks @rtripault) (#418)
  • Force refreshing namespace cache after build (thanks @rtripault) (#422)
  • Prevent content attribute being added/removed intermittently, by unsetting content for static elements when extracting (thanks @rtripault) (#423)
  • Fix undefined array key 'service' warning on PHP 8.x (thanks @hugopeek) (#427)
  • Automatically update the list of packages with versions during extract + improve install (#430)

To install Gitify v2, head over to the GitHub page for the instructions, and run:

composer global require modmore/gitify:^2

Note: Version 2.0.1-pl has also been released. This patch release fixes a conflict between the new `config` option that allows you to specify a config dot file, and the older `config` option in the modx:install command. When specifying a different .gitify file, be aware the option has been renamed to --dotfile.

Murray Wood

Murray is a part-time senior developer at modmore, regular MODX core contributor, author of many Commerce extensions, and recently became a dad. He works remotely from Hong Kong, spending his time building exciting new features, squashing bugs, and providing support.