Introducing the modmore Video Library

Today we officially launched our brand new Video Library!

Producing quality educational content to explain MODX concepts, showcase extras, and spread the MODX love has been something we've been wanting to do for years. It's why MODX meetups are so amazing: when people share the way they approach or accomplish things, everyone gets better.

These videos are basically presentations we could have given at meetups, just accessible to everyone regardless of physical location, and with English subtitles!

The first set of videos we've recorded and published are introduction-level videos on the topic caching and parsing:

These videos are not just available in our video library, but also on our YouTube channel (with a 1 week delay) to spread the knowledge far and wide. Please do check them out there as well, subscribe to the channel, and help boost the algorithm! :)

Plans & Funding

We're definitely nowhere near done making these videos, and are keeping a list of topic ideas for future videos. Be sure to let us know if you have any topics you'd like us to cover.

From deciding on the topic to the video being ready and published, it took some 6-10 hours for each ~10 minute video. Of course that's going to get faster as we get more practice and optimize the process, but still is a significant effort. To fund that effort, a part of the videos we create will be exclusively available to people who purchase a 2-year Premium Pass.

Right now all videos we've published are part of the free access, and so will the next few introduction-level videos we have planned. When we get into the more advanced and complicated topics, we will start putting some of them behind the paywall. Eventually, we want to make about 1/3rd of the videos require Premium Pass, making sure that the majority of the content we produce is available for free. 

As we get better and faster at creating and editing the videos, the goal is to add to the library every 3-4 weeks or so. Over time, the library will become packed with lots of insights for all skill levels, and hopefully be a valuable resource for the community.

Check it out!