MyParcel for Commerce 2.0

Version 2.0.0 of our MyParcel integration for Commerce is now available as a release candidate.

This release has been internally refactored to the newer official SDK offered by MyParcel, supporting more carriers and use cases.

One of the key features we set out to improve with this release is the ability to run multiple instances of it side-by-side, for example to separate the pickup and delivery options into separate methods, or for more complex shops that have multiple delivery types that may still both use MyParcel.

For v1 users, we strongly recommend testing on your staging environment first. There are some template changes that may affect your site if you have customised the MyParcel templates, and while it should be 99% compatible with v1 beyond that, this is one of those aspects of e-commerce that you don't want to debug in production while orders are coming in.

More information about the MyParcel integration can be found here. And if you're not already familiar with MyParcel as a shipping solution for merchants in the Netherlands and Belgium, be sure to check them out!