MyParcel integration for Commerce

The MyParcel integration for Commerce offers powerful fulfillment solutions for merchants in the Netherlands and Belgium. The integration supports all 3 MyParcel platforms from one integration:

  •, for merchants shipping from the Netherlands with PostNL and DHL For You
  •, for shipping of fragile bottles from the Netherlands with PostNL
  •, for merchants shipping from Belgium with bpost, DPD and PostNL

The available carriers and options are automatically filtered in the shipping method configuration once you've provided your API Key.

Buy MyParcel for Commerce

MyParcel charges the merchant a fee per shipped package at merchant-specific rates. To provide support and continued development on the Commerce integration, we charge a one-time license fee per site for the integration.

Merchant usage

Once setup (see next section), the merchant is able to create shipments and labels from the Commerce backend in just a few clicks.

Alternatively, the integration can be configured to automatically send all the shipment data to MyParcel directly, which will allow you to use the MyParcel backoffice to generate labels in bulk.

Setup & Configuration

After installing the MyParcel extension from our package provider, you'll need to complete the following steps before you can make use of MyParcel in Commerce.

  1. Enable the module in Commerce > Configuration > Modules.
  2. In Configuration > Delivery Types, either create a new delivery types for the products you will be shipping through MyParcel, or edit the delivery type you already have set up for those products.
    1. Set the shipment type to MyParcel Shipment.
    2. Set "Show shipping step" to "always", unless you do not want to offer the customer the ability to choose their delivery time slot or a pickup location in which case "never" will automatically select the first available option.
    3. If you have any existing orders in the cart, you will need to either remove all items from the cart, or complete the order, to make sure the new shipment type is used.
  3. In Configuration > Shipping Methods, create a new shipping method and select MyParcel Shipping Method for the type.
  4. On the MyParcel tab of the shipping method, enter your MyParcel API Key. You can find this in the MyParcel Back-office, under "Shopinstellingen" (Shop settings) > "Algemeen" (Generic) in the "API Instellingen" (API Settings) section. Copy/paste the API Key into the shipping method, and save the shipping method.
  5. Return to the MyParcel tabs of the shipping method, which should now confirm the platform you're on, and show a lot more options. The most important option to configure is the carrier and origin country. If you're not seeing the expected carrier, make sure it is enabled in your MyParcel backoffice.
  6. If you want to offer your customers multiple carriers, repeat the process to create multiple instances of the MyParcel shipping method each with the appropriate configuration.

At this point, you should be able to assign products to the delivery type, and checkout. By default, the integration uses custom twig templates to render the options server-side. You can customise this if you'd like.

Release History

MyParcel for Commerce 2.0.0-pl

Released on 2024-04-03

Released on 2024-04-03

  • Fix pickup country not being set [S40004]
  • myparcelnl/sdk updated from 7.8.0 to 7.12.0

MyParcel for Commerce 2.0.0-rc2

Released on 2023-10-24

Released on 2023-10-24

  • Fix house number not getting extracted from street when shipping from NL to BE or vice versa [S38122]
  • Fix generating label due to SDK upgrade [S38122]

MyParcel for Commerce 2.0.0-rc1

Released on 2023-09-26

Released on 2023-08-26

This release is a major update, featuring a major upgrade to a newer MyParcel SDK and many small improvements for a more stable experience.

While v2 should be compatible with v1, it is strongly recommended that you:

1) Test on a staging environment before upgrading production.

2) Review the configuration of each of your MyParcel shipping methods. Check the new options, ensure everything is still configured correctly, and save.

3) If you have customised the frontend/myparcel/ templates, review those. The POST data structure changed slightly to properly support multiple methods side-by-side.

Changes in this release:

  • Update MyParcel SDK to 7.8.0
  • Remove support for CloudPrint module that is no longer available
  • Replace direct usage of Symfony's EventDispatcher with Commerce 1.3+ EventDispatcher
  • Hide pickup location in back-end forms if delivery was selected
  • Properly allow multiple shipping methods to independently cache their data
  • Properly allow multiple myparcel instances side-by-side in a single delivery type or across delivery types
  • Requirements bumped to PHP 7.4+, MODX 2.8+, Commerce 1.3+

MyParcel for Commerce 1.0.0-pl

Released on 2022-12-12

Released on 2022-12-12

  • Add support for DPD
  • Fix issue with multiple MyParcel shipping methods sharing the same price
  • Fix PHP warning in LicenseCheck widget

MyParcel for Commerce 1.0.0-dev3

Released on 2019-08-14 (Pre-releases Channel)

  • First release