Digital Product

Sell resources, files and custom download methods with download limits, expirations, and more.

Find setup instructions in the documentation.

Release History (v2+)

Digital Product for Commerce 2.0.1-pl

Released on 2022-12-14

Released on 2022-12-14

  • Fix potential fatal error if no delivery type is set up at all

Digital Product for Commerce 2.0.0-pl

Released on 2022-02-01

Released on 2022-02-01

This extension is now an official extension for Commerce, maintained by modmore and covered by support. Thank you Tony Klapatch for your hard work on this module before!

New features:

  • Add digitalproduct.get_user_files snippet to list users' previously purchased digital products. Uses the same data structure as the thank you page and order messages, plus the order the product was purchased in.
  • Digital product download links are now available in order messages as well, same format as for the thank you page


  • Bump minimum requirements to Commerce 1.2.0-rc3+, MODX 2.7+ and PHP 7.1+
  • Simplify product form a bit, more logical layout for editing the digital options


  • Fix digital product information (resource/download links) not being available on the thank you page
  • Switch default engine from MyISAM to InnoDB
  • The "Digitalproduct Product" class is now hidden, with the shipment approach it's no longer needed to use the separate product type
  • Fix incorrect composite relation from Digitalproduct > DigitalproductFile

Digital Product for Commerce 2.0.0-dev6

Released on 2021-05-28

Digital Product for Commerce 2.0.0-dev5

Released on 2021-05-11

Digital Product for Commerce 2.0.0-dev4

Released on 2021-05-11

Digital Product for Commerce 2.0.0-dev3

Released on 2021-05-11

Digital Product for Commerce 2.0.0-dev2

Released on 2021-05-06

Digital Product for Commerce 2.0.0-dev1

Released on 2021-04-30