PDFCrowd Writer

With PDFCrowd you can create PDFs from HTML and CSS. For Commerce this is particular useful for generating PDF invoices.

Note: this module requires Commerce 1.0 or up.


  1. Download and install the package from our package provider.
  2. In the Commerce Dashboard, navigate to Configuration > Modules. Find the PDFCrowd Writer module, and enable it.
    1. If you don't have a PDFCrowd account and subscription (v2) yet, sign up here.
    2. If you do have a PDFCrowd account, find the API Key to use here.
  3. Once enabled and properly configured, Commerce will automatically use PDFCrowd to generate invoices.

Release History

PDFCrowd Writer for Commerce 2.0.1-pl

Released on 2022-10-03

Released on 2022-10-04

  • pdfcrowd/pdfcrowd updated from 5.1.1 to 5.9.0

PDFCrowd Writer for Commerce 2.0.0-pl

Released on 2021-07-26

Released on 2021-07-26

  • Upgrade to pdfcrowd/pdfcrowd 5.1.1. This is a breaking change, most importantly using a different converter engine by default, so if you've heavily customised your invoice please make sure it's correct.
  • Add property to the module to choose which converter to use.

PDFCrowd Writer for Commerce 1.0.0-pl

Released on 2019-03-28

  • First release