SimpleAB gets MODX 3 compatibility, and revamped stats

SimpleAB has just been updated to version 1.3! This update includes some hefty refactoring to make it fully compatible with MODX 3 and PHP 8. Please note that in line with other modmore extras, SimpleAB now requires PHP 7.4 or higher.

Besides bringing compatibility for the latest MODX, test statistics have been rewritten from scratch. The statistics are now displayed with ChartJS, doing away completely with the old defunct Flash charts.
When editing a test, click on the Statistics tab at the top. Here you can view the number of times a template or chunk was picked for a visit, the number of conversions per variation, and the overall conversion rates.

SimpleAB was originally a premium extra, but was made free in August 2016. If you haven't tried it out yet, you can install it via the modmore package provider. Check out the documentation, or send us an email for guidance. We hope you enjoy the new modernised version of SimpleAB!

Murray Wood

Murray is a part-time senior developer at modmore, regular MODX core contributor, author of many Commerce extensions, and recently became a dad. He works remotely from Hong Kong, spending his time building exciting new features, squashing bugs, and providing support.