Looking for a Content/Communication person

At modmore we're a small development focused team building awesome extras for MODX. The downside of being development focused is that communication and content is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when working on an exciting new feature, even though it's super important. That's why we're looking for someone to work on Content and Communication.

Now available: MoreGallery 1.3

As of today, your favorite gallery - at least we hope it is your favorite - just got a whole lot more awesome. With MoreGallery 1.3 we're proud to introduce a bunch of great new features and improvements to make managing galleries even better. Among the 7 new features and 10 improvements are the ability to choose multiple image crops for responsive image support, automatically filling the image title with IPTC data and more flexible integrations thanks to 5 new plugin events.

Big changes to kick off 2015

We've made a few big changes here at modmore to kick off 2015. With these changes, we're preparing modmore for the future by making payments easier, unlimited licenses more accessible and support more responsive for those who need it.

Holiday Availability

You've probably noticed, but the holiday season is in the air again. We're also going to be enjoying some down time with family and friends, which has an impact on our support coverage. Read on for more information about our support coverage over the next few weeks.