CloudPrint for Commerce

Sadly, Google has discontinued the Cloud Print service and this extension no longer works.

Commerce is primarily an online tool - but there is a very physical part to selling online. With the Cloud Print module for Commerce, you can bridge the gap.

The Cloud Print module can print to any printer that connects to Google Cloud Print, which most modern printers natively support. For older printers without native connectivity, Google offers the ability to connect local printers using a computer in the same network as the printer.

Cloud Print can print generated PDF invoices or any document generated by a Twig template. This enables many use cases:

  • For take-out/delivery restaurants, you can automatically print details of a new order so preparation of the ordered meals can start immediately, rather than having to monitor an email inbox.
  • Automatically print a packing slip on a warehouse printer, so staff can collect purchased items right away
  • Print invoices on the accounting printer for easy archiving

The Cloud Print extension is free to use and can be installed through our package provider. Requires Commerce v1.1.

Learn more about Google Cloud Print, supported printers, and setting up the CloudPrint module in Commerce.

Release History

CloudPrint for Commerce 1.0.3-pl

Released on 2020-09-15

Released on 2020-09-15

  • Optimize autoloader to avoid class loading issue

CloudPrint for Commerce 1.0.2-pl

Released on 2020-06-29

Released on 2020-06-29

  • Fix package installation

CloudPrint for Commerce 1.0.1-pl

Released on 2020-04-08

Released on 2020-04-08

  • Fix a hardcoded path

CloudPrint for Commerce 1.0.0-pl

Released on 2019-08-15

  • First release