ContentBlocks v1.9

ContentBlocks v1.9 is now available from the package manager. As always this is a free update, and it comes with a couple of small new features for you to enjoy, as well as some bugfixes and improvements.

It's my 30th birthday 🎉

Today is my 30th birthday and I want to take this opportunity to celebrate it with you and say thank you for the opportunities of the past decade. Keep reading for 30% off on the first 30 orders, planting lots of trees, and a raffle for free licenses.

Introducing ConsentFriend

Today we're launching a new extra: ConsentFriend! Built by Thomas Jakobi of Treehill Studio, ConsentFriend helps you manage (cookie) consent on your sites. It comes with a page in the manager where you configure services on your site, which then builds upon the open source Klaro! library to build the front-end cookie/consent banner to your visitors.