Black Friday sale starts today

For this week only, we're discounting the price of our single licenses and we have some exciting announcements we'll be posting on our blog for each day of the sale.

Monitor your MODX sites with SiteDash

Many of our users work at agencies, or as freelance developers or designers, and have built or been involved with dozens of sites over the years. That's a lot of sites to monitor. Just keeping track of MODX, PHP or installed Extra versions can take up a huge amount of time. We’ve been working on a project to help you deal with that: SiteDash.

Commerce is now in beta

It was 20 months ago, at MODXpo in Munich, that we first announced Commerce. Since then we’ve made 847 code commits and published 22 alpha releases. So, as you can imagine, we’re extremely happy to announce that the Commerce beta has arrived.